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The Knight In The Panther`s Skin

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Every piece of jewelry has its own name, that closely relates to the characters of the immortal poem
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Cufflinks Phridons`s magic sword
9220₾ Pre-order
Cufflinks Tariel`s magic sword
6470₾ Pre-order
Cufflinks Knight`s eye
6380₾ Pre-order
Cufflinks Phridons`s magic shield
360₾ Pre-order
Cufflinks Tariel`s magic shield
Earrings lover`s tears
Ring the power of fire
6880₾ Pre-order
Ring the dome of the sky
6190₾ Pre-order
ring the strength of the chest
16090₾ Pre-order
Tinatin`s Necklace
34940₾ Pre-order
Earrings the protector of travelers
11760₾ Pre-order
Ring the dome of the throne
14160₾ Pre-order
Prayer`s bracelet
26490₾ Pre-order
Pendant the eye of the cloud
6360₾ Pre-order
Tinatin`s Bracelet
19380₾ Pre-order
Ring the four ways of protector
12950₾ Pre-order
Earrings the healer`s drop
14350₾ Pre-order
Ring the reliable protector
13800₾ Pre-order
Bracelet the tiger whip
13260₾ Pre-order
Bracelet the protector of sadness
18390₾ Pre-order
Bracelet the grace of the yoke
17340₾ Pre-order

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