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Royal Chess

Number : 310935
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FeaturesMetal Brass | Additional materials Enamel | Gold plated (24K)

Zarapxana’s exclusive “Royal chess” is a perfect representation of Georgian historical and cultural heritage, demonstrating intricate detailing and excellent technical performance.

The King and The Queen pieces are graced with the exact replicas of crowns worn by King David the Builder, and Queen Tamar of Georgia. Their royal signature is represented on the pillars of each respective piece. Additionally, Georgia’s most ancient script “Asomtavruli” is used to decorate the entire set.

All 32 figures are handmade and plated with 24K gold. Red and blue enamel is used to differentiate each side. The combination of juxtaposed colors emphasizes the set’s distinctive and luxurious nature.

  • Tbilisi and Batumi - within the 2-3 working day after activating the order
  • Regions of Georgia - within 3-5 working days after order activation 
  • Other countries - within 3-15 working days after order activation 
Every item in "Zarapxana" is unique. Note that on the site are given averaged features. The characteristics of the finished product can vary by +/- 20%.

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